Acknowledgements and credits


Vi and Johnny Moses

Vi taRSeblu Hilbert with
Johnny Moses
Photo courtesy of Jill La Pointe

Thanks to Vi Hilbert and her family for trusting us to be responsible custodians of her collection so that the voices of the First People may continue to be heard.

Thanks to the families of Harriette Shelton Dover, Martin Sampson, and Isadore Tom, elders whose voices, along with Vi’s, are heard in these recordings.

Thanks to those behind the tape recorders and video cameras for providing us with documentation of Vi Hilbert “in action” – Donald Braid, Padma Guidi, Don Hilbert, Vi Hilbert, Karen Morrell, Laurel Sercombe, Ken Stevens, U.W. Instructional Media Services, Janet Yoder, and Zeke Zahir.

We'd also like to thank the unknown photographers whose photos appear on these pages. If you recognize a photo as yours, please notify to let us know you authorize its use. We'll then add a photo credit to honor your contribution.


Project staff


Laurel Sercombe, Archivist, University of Washington Ethnomusicology Program

Interactive Media Developer

Riley McLaughlin, VillageMediaWorks

Curatorial Assistant

Bree “Bonnie” McConnell

Technical Advisor

Colin Todd, Senior Computer Specialist, University of Washington School of Music

Project Director

Jill Linzee, Executive Director, Northwest Heritage Resources

Project Advisor

Jill La Pointe, President of Lushootseed Research and granddaughter of Vi Hilbert

This project is supported in part by a grant from Humanities Washington, a statewide organization dedicated to providing and supporting cultural education programs in local communities.