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Dissertation Examples 1980-1981 Iraq 6:26:45
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1. Esther Warkov
1. See Dissertation
Examples accompanying Ph.D. dissertation of Esther Warkov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1987), "The Urban Repertoire of Jewish Professional Musicians in Iraq and Israel: Instrumental Improvisation and Culture Change."
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EC - 7 compact discs (digital, stereo) LINK TO DISSERTATION; List of contents; Inventory
Taqasim/Maqam/ Oud/ Vocal Music--Israel/ Improvisation/Santur/Qanun/Violin/Nai/Abudiyyah/

Related collection: drawn from Warkov field recordings (see collection 84005); recordings collected 1980-81 but span several decades, ca. 1930-1980.

Geographic/cultural areas: Iraq and Israel, Egyptian style (1930s); includes Iraqi-Jewish musicians.

Languages included: Arabic (songs); Arabic and Hebrew (interview, disc 7; Arabic (al-Kuwaiti tribute)

Performers: Avraham Salman, Albert Elias, Sasson 'Abdu, Salah al-Kuwaiti, Da'ud al-Kuwaiti, Ezra Aharon, Khaduri Bassun, Haskel Qassab, Salim Shibbith, Yaqub al-'Amari, Salima Morad, Zakiyyah George, Yusuf Za'arour, Milu Hamamah, Yusuf Pettau, Zaki Fahami, Tzion Ibrahim, Haskel Shoul, Mounira Hawazwaz, Salah Baqal, Hussein Abdallah, Esther Warkov (accidentally included when disc was created)

CD#1 - Dissertation Ex. 1 (12 tracks, 71:10); CD#2 - Dissertation Ex. 2 (3 tracks, 68:45); CD#3 - Dissertation Ex. 3 (9 tracks, 73:56); CD#4 - Dissertation Ex. 4 (15 tracks, 66:43); CD#5 - Dissertation Ex. 5 (10 tracks, 54:58); CD#6 - Dissertation Ex. 6 - "al-Kuwaiti Tribute" (23 tracks, 50:43); CD#7 - Dissertation Ex. 7 - "al-Kuwaiti Interview" (in Hebrew and Arabic) (17 tracks, 61:38)

An accompanying external hard drive containing sound files and documents was added to this collection in 2007; files copied to Archives computer and stored in folder "Warkov_Field Tapes"; hard drive stored in room 52.

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2006027-0001 Dissertation Examples #1 12 CD - unpub Contents (drawn from Warkov field recordings): Hijaz Bassun Santur; Saba Bassun; Rast - Shibbith & Song; Song; Maqam Sharqi Esfahan; Panjeqah Kuwaiti; Rast Maqam; Kuwaiti Violin/Iqa Taqsim; Samai Lami; Taqsim Kuwaiti; 21B #2 Bayat Mijwiz; Kuwaiti Kurdish Outdoor.
2006027-0002 Dissertation Examples #2 3 CD - unpub Contents (drawn from Warkov field recordings): Jaqubal_al-amari; 32A Qassab:rast; 32A Item 2 Qassab siga
2006027-0003 Dissertation Examples #3 9 CD - unpub Contents (drawn from Warkov field recordings): 31B Item 2 Hamamah-Husayni; 31B Item 3 al-Amari violin; 13B al-Kuwaiti; 26A Item 1 Elias Nai; 26A Item #3 Elias Nai; 26B Elias Angham Min Rifi-nay; Bassun Ras; Bassun Siga; Elias Nai Sad Taqsim 24B #3
2006027-0004 Dissertation Examples #4 15 CD - unpub Contents (drawn from Warkov field recordings): 27B #7 Siga Nai Taqsim; 11B #1 Abudhiyya Kuwaiti taqsim; 11B #4 Nayel Abdu; 11A Warkov oud; Oud 2; Oud 3 Taajim; Al-Amari Nay 11 #4A; 12A Ahyanass; 2nd side; 3rd record; 4th record; 12B #1 Khuntini; side 2; 12A #3 On the Sickbed; side 2
2006027-0005 Dissertation Examples #5 10 CD - unpub Contents (drawn from Warkov field recordings): 17B al-Amari; #2; #3; #4; #5 Bim Hasinak; #6 Yadmuai Sili; #7 He Gives His Word; 20B #2 Siga al-Amari; 7B #3 al-Kuwaiti violin; 22A #1
2006027-0006 Dissertation Examples #6 23 CD - unpub Contents: Dissertation Ex. 6 - "Al-Kuwaiti Tribute" (23 tracks)
2006027-0007 Dissertation Examples #7 17 CD - unpub Contents: Dissertation Ex. 7 - "Al-Kuwaiti Interview" (in Arabic) (17 tracks)
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